Dangerous Goods Training

Build your reputation for compliance excellence

Successfully achieve IATA and IMDG accreditation training alongside a well-regarded dangerous goods expert.  Your team will enjoy learning in an engaging and stimulating environment that delivers a high level of dangerous goods training certification success. 



Comprehensive and compliant dangerous goods training is given in sessions that combine excellent teaching practices, hands-on learning experiences and expert knowledge in the day-to-day experience of dangerous goods management.

DGM Australia offers approved classroom and webinar training for dangerous goods by air and sea, as well as approved online training courses for dangerous goods by air.

All DGM Australia dangerous goods classroom courses include the DGM Training Workbook (for students to keep) 0and a copy of the current dangerous goods regulations IATA DGR, IMDG Code, RPSC2; (for students to use for the duration of the course).

Students will be issued with a certificate upon successful completion of the exam.


DGM Australia deliver IATA and IMDG training courses in Australia & Paciic Islands.

Dangerous goods training manuals

Australian Dangerous Goods Course Locations

Our head training centre is in Eagle Farm, Brisbane.  DGM Australia offers scheduled dangerous goods training courses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with other locations upon request.

Pacific Islands Dangerous Goods Course Locations

DGM Australia is experienced in training in the Pacific Region conducting dangerous goods training courses on-site for shippers, operators and freight forwarders in PNG, Fiji, Nauru, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands.

Reputable Global Network

Dangerous Good Management (DGM) Australia and the global DGM Network, have a reputation for providing high quality and practical training courses related to transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Customised Dangerous Goods Training Programs

DGM regularly adapts dangerous goods training programs to meet company and individual’s specific needs and requirements either in-house or at our DGM Australia Training Centres.


Thousands of shippers & packers, freight forwarders, operators & handling agents and security screeners have successfully undergone dangerous goods training with DGM Australia according to their job responsibilities and the regulatory training requirements.

Competent Authority Approvals

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) Australia (classroom, webinar and online),  approval CASA.DGTNG.0118-4

  • Dangerous Goods by Air – Acceptance (Initial)
  • Dangerous Goods by Air – Awareness
  • Dangerous Goods by Air – Refresher
  • Transporting Infectious Substances & Flammable Liquids by Air, Initial & Refresher


Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) approvals AP5519, AP5520, AP5664 & AP5665

  • DG by Sea – Full Acceptance Classroom
  • DG by Sea – Full Acceptance Refresher Classroom
  • DG by Sea – Full Acceptance Webinar
  • DG by Sea – Full Acceptance Refresher Webinar