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Important Dangerous Goods Training Course Notes

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Dangerous Goods Regulations, DGM Australia shall not be responsible for the absolute accuracy of the information and advice provided to course participants, nor is DGM responsible for the absolute accuracy of the information of the material contained in these dangerous goods training materials.

DGM Australia reserves the right to cancel, re-schedule or amend courses if the minimum number of bookings for a course has not been received.

The participant will not be able to partake, if course fees have not been received at the start of the dangerous goods training course (unless prior/alternative arrangements have been made with DGM Australia concerning payment of course fees)

Course Cancellation Fees & Refunds
  • Cancellations and re-scheduling of booked training dates shall be done in writing.
  • Where a (written) cancellation is received 10 or more working days before course commencement, a full refund (or re-scheduling) can be made.
  • If a (written) cancellation is made less than 10 working days prior to the commencement of a course, a 50% refund can be made (if no date re-schedule is made)
  • If no notification is received and there is non-attendance at the start course, no refund will be made.
DateLocation Dangerous Goods Acceptance (Air) – 3 dayDangerous Goods Re-certification (Air) – 1 dayIMDG (Dangerous Goods by Sea) Full Acceptance – 2 dayIMDG (Dangerous Goods by Sea) Re-certification – 1 day
January 2019Brisbane21-23 January14 January16-17 January
January 2019Sydney7 January 23 January
January 2019Melbourne17 January
February 2019Brisbane11-13 February18 February4-5 February19 February
February 2019Sydney5-7 February4 February19-20 February
February 2019Melbourne12-14 February11 February26-27 February
March 2019Brisbane11-13 March18 March6-7 March19 March
March 2019Sydney5-7 March4 March
March 2019Melbourne12-14 March11 March
April 2019Brisbane8-10 April15 April3-4 April16 April
April 2019Sydney
April 2019Melbourne
May 2019 Brisbane13-14 May20 May8-9 May21 May
May 2019Sydney20-21 May22 May
May 2019Melbourne
June 2019 Brisbane10-12 June17 June5-6 June18 June
June 2019Sydney13 June
June 2019Melbourne
July 2019 Brisbane15-17 July22 July10-11 July23 July
July 2019Sydney
July 2019Melbourne15-16 July17 July
August 2019 Brisbane19-21 August26 August7-8 August27 August
August 2019Sydney19 August
August 2019Melbourne
September 2019 Brisbane16-18 September23 September11-12 September24 September
September 2019Sydney
September 2019Melbourne23 September
October 2019 Brisbane14-16 October21 October9-10 October22 October
October 2019Sydney10 October
October 2019Melbourne25 October
November 2019 Brisbane18-20 November25 November13-14 November26 November
November 2019Sydney07 November
25 November
November 2019Melbourne
December 2019 Brisbane16-18 DecemberTBA11-12 December
December 2019Sydney17 December
December 2019Melbourne

If you would like more information on:

  • Dangerous Goods Training by Air – Class 7 Radioactive Materials
  • Customer tailored courses (i.e. Dry Ice, Lithium Batteries, Infectious Substances)
  • On-site courses

please contact our Dangerous Goods Training Department.