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DGM Australia is an experienced provider of dangerous goods operations. Dangerous goods operations involve the classification, packing, labeling, marking and documenting of dangerous goods for the safe transport by the various modes of transport (air, sea, road, rail).

For all classes of dangerous goods, including lithium batteries, explosives, radioactive material and infectious substances, DGM Australia provides the following dangerous goods operations:

Classification and identification of DGs

Dangerous Goods Identification and Classification When dangerous goods are involved, their right classification is the first step to manage them safely. DGM Australia provides services from chemical tests and analysis to (Material) Safety Data Sheet preparation or classification according UN criteria.

Packing and repacking of shipments:

Dangerous Goods Packing Most of incidents or accidents in the past were caused by an inappropriate packing use. Our technical specialists can assist you ensuring that packing requirements are completely fulfilled when the package is presented to the operator for shipment.

Check on packaging specifications tests and criteria

Dangerous Goods PackagingFormat or marking of UN packaging’s are not always easy to understand. DGM Australia will support you to find out their meaning and comply with UN provisions.

Labeling and marking of shipments

Dangerous Goods LabelingAccording to regulations,  DGM Australia will take care of all labeling and marking to meet compliance requirements.


Dangerous Goods DocumentOur technical specialists complete and sign the Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) for transport according to regulations (IATA-DGR, IMDG, ADGC or multimodal).

Assuming all legal responsibilities

Dangerous Goods ComplianceDGM Australia assumes responsibilities and liabilities related to the safe transportation of dangerous goods. In addition, DGM Australia carries a global comprehensive liability insurance policy in case of an accident or incident.

Project Logistics

DGM Australia is perfectly positioned to manage your Dangerous Goods Project Shipments. Although not a freight forwarding company, we are in the unique position to offer you a ‘Fit for Purpose’ solution.

By taking into account the commodity, transport restrictions, budget and time constraints, we are able to use our worldwide network of  partners to string together a workable and financially viable solution for your dangerous goods project cargo. Each of our valued partners have their own specialities and DGM selects the right partner(s) for the project to ensure a managed process with clear communication, providing you with the assurance that your project shipments are continuously monitored.Dangerous Goods Transport

Additional Dangerous Goods Operations

  • 24 Hours Emergency Service Contact
  • Acceptance Checks; Accepting responsibility and liability goes hand in hand with transporting dangerous goods. In order to reduce your liability, DGM Australia can: check, accept and approve dangerous goods on your behalf before they are moved further in the transport chain. Examples of these services are cargo acceptance on airports, segregation checks at seaports and final load inspections.