About DGM Australia

Our vision is to bring understanding and knowledge on safe & compliant transport, storage and management of dangerous goods to your organisation so that, together, we can improve dangerous goods safety and awareness.

Dangerous Goods Management (DGM) Australia is Australian owned & operated and is a member of the DGM Network. The DGM worldwide network is a leading international organisation, acknowledged as experts in dangerous goods management & hazardous materials.

With a worldwide presence of over 50 locations the DGM network offers a global range of dangerous goods services supported by regulatory knowledge & practical experience with dangerous goods compliance, safety, operations and training.

Dangerous Goods Management (DGM) Australia is the logical choice for all your dangerous goods requirements.

The Dangerous Goods Management (DGM) Network, founded in 1987,  provides globally integrated solutions tailored to customer’s requirements.

The main business sectors that are supported by DGM Australia and the DGM Network:

Core Business Values

Values are essential. Our core values support our business:

  • Knowledge: We actively promote developing and sharing our dangerous goods knowledge.
  • Compliance: We continuously ensure compliance with regulations, standards & stakeholder requirements.
  • Leadership: We focus on ongoing improvement and communication of quality & safety.
  • Solutions: We are committed to delivering solutions, exceeding our customer’s expectations

Did you know?

  • DGM is one the world’s largest dangerous goods service providers.
  • DGM’s activities are performed under the corporate safety and quality practises to guarantee the excellence and safety of products and services.
  • DGM holds a comprehensive insurance cover policy which assumes legal liability for dangerous goods operations carried out by DGM offices.
  • DGM has developed its own dangerous goods software (dgoffice.net) which provides global support to more than 4000 users.

DGM Corporate Video

For an overview of the DGM network and services view our corporate video below.

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